Back by Popular Demand!

We have listened to you and have brought back the original Cy-Clone Kits, featuring TLG Windpower blades.

The TLG Blades are wider at the root (8″) than other blades which means more torque at lower wind speeds.  Having only 2 blades increases the rpm/mph ratio.  Our tests show that with our PMA’s, which have a stainless steel shaft, we get 25 rpm/1 mph wind.  The TLG blades unique curve catches the wind better and does not create drag at higher rpm.  The wind still spills out at extremely high speeds so a brake is not necessary.  As before, the blades are made from 1/8″ aircraft quality, aluminum and the hub from 3/16″ stainless steel.

The mount design is ours and we manufacture it in our Indiana shop.  The mount is made from 1″ square steel tubing and the tail fins are steel.  Both are primed and ready to paint.

We do have a fairly new design change in our PMA.  A few months back we started incorporating a keyway in the shafts.  We are very happy with the outcome and now the blade hubs have a slot for the key.  Although it is still critical to have a tight fit between the shaft nut and the case the key ensures that the blades do not slip.

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