Once again WindBlue Power is leading the way in Permanent Magnet Alternator design.  We were the first to use Stainless Steel shafts and now we are putting a keyway in them.  The stainless shafts on our DC-500 series now have a 5mm x 5mm x 12mm keyway and come with one Feather Key.  So now if you order a DC-500, DC-512, DC-520, DC-540, or a rotor, it will come with a keyed shaft.  The pulleys have a slot for a more secure fit.  This will also make it easier for counterclockwise rotation.  You won’t have to worry about the shaft nut loosening up and damaging things. It will also be useful in applications such as a lovejoy.  And at the same low price as before!  If you should lose the key we have them for sale on our site.

Please note that the pulley, spacers, etc. must still be sandwiched between the shaft nut and the front bearing spacer.  If they are not snug they will spin on the front bearing and your PMA will be damaged.

The DC-400 series ( DC-420 and DC-440) will not have a keyway.  They are still the basic steel shaft with the GM threads.

Let me know what you think.  I’m always open to constructive ideas and comments.

Think Green, Go Blue!


    • admin says:

      Hi Jerry, Since stainless has very little magnetic pull the shaft reaches voltage at a lower. rpm. For example, our DC-440 (steel shaft) reaches 12vdc at 150 rpm while our DC-540 (stainless shaft) reaches 12vdc at 130 rpm. The only difference between the DC-540 and DC-440 is the shaft. Also, the stainless steel shaft has a longer lifespan since is less likely to corrode.

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